Office Share USA – Your Own Office Share Co-working Space

“Low cost marketing systems to launch office share / coworking”


Your New Tenant Lead Machine!

Add the #1 Asset for Your Building

Get More Tenants!

Incubator for Future / Larger Tenants

Easy to Manage!

 Similar to 24/7 Fitness Center

Turnkey Solution!

Simple, Affordable Solution for Building Owners & Managers.

Office Share USA – Complete Marketing System for Success!

Office Share USA offers building owners, managers chambers of commerce and cities a simple marketing solution to launch their own office share co-working space.

The secret is out! Office share / co-working space is an incubator for building owners  – flow of new tenants! Office Share coworking space is a boom for small cities to keep and attract business in their area.


Video Sample we Create

We cancreate exciting videos for you to acquire more members.

Building Owner /Manager Benefits

#1 asset for building owners – lead and tenant machine

Great Price – just pay for website and marketing

Simple affordable marketing solution

Run your own coworking – get more leases.

Incubator for future / larger tenants

Monetize excess space and add building frills

High Tech Options – teleconferencing, smartboards and more

Easy to manage – self serve similar to 24/7 fitness centers

Watch small tenants grow into large tenants

Have Office Share USA promote your space

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